Benefits of Using Our Unique Process

Every year millions of pounds of gloves, wiping cloths and apparel are used and thrown away all over the country, costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our unique glove cleaning process reclaims your gloves, wiping cloths and other apparel and equipment saving you money while having a positive environmental impact. Benefits of our process and services include:

  • Save you money in hazardous waste disposal. After going through our process material is no longer hazardous waste, but a clean product that can be reused or disposed of safely. Hazardous materials extracted/reclaimed from the material can often be recycled. If it cannot be recycled the quantity of hazardous waste has been greatly reduced, often by up to 80%.
  • Save money on buying new gloves, wiping cloths and apparel. Your items can be cleaned at a fraction of the cost of buying new, giving you several uses before having to replace them.
  • Clean expensive items instead of replacing them. Protective apparel can be expensive and is often discarded long before it is worn out simply because it is dirty. We can clean your sleeves, welding jackets, and other leather, canvas and cloth items and more giving them a longer useful life and saving you money in the process.
  • Save money by buying recycled gloves, wiping cloths and apparel. Some of our customers cannot reuse their cleaned material, so we make them available at a fraction of the cost of new. Used gloves and wiping cloths can still be cleaned and reused so you save money on both ends of the process.